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Who's Who

Our Headteacher is Mr Rob Hutchings.

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In addition to Rob Hutchings, the other senior leaders in our school are Mrs Smeaton and Miss Morris. Mrs Smeaton is our Deputy Head teacher and SENCo and is responsible for pupils who have SEN (Special Education Needs); Miss Morris is our leader for English.


Our Early Years team are Miss Turner (RT Teacher), Mrs Potter and Miss O'Brien.

Our Key Stage 1 teachers are: Miss Martin (1/2M) , Miss Wren (1/2W), Miss Fysh (1/2F) supported by teaching assistants: Miss O'Neill, Miss Mitchell, Mrs Goodyear and Miss Guntrip.


Our Key Stage 2 teachers are:  Ms Hilton and Mrs Smeaton(3/4HS), Mrs Rose (3/4R), Mrs Tutty (4/5T), Miss Remond (5/6R) and Miss Houldridge (5/6S).

The Teaching Assistants are: Miss Lester, Miss Wilson, Mr Smeaton, Miss Fowler, Mrs Lothian and Mrs Holmes.


Mrs Cookson is our Pastoral support mentor and Mrs Firmedow is our Bullying mentor.


Miss Morris will teach across both key stage 1 & 2 when the teachers have their non contact time.


Mrs Barrett and Mrs Tebb work in the school office.


Children are supervised at lunchtimes by Mrs Cookson, Mrs Goodyear, Miss A Wilson, Mrs Firmedow, Miss Fowler, Mrs Holmes, Miss O'Neill and Miss Guntrip, Miss Lester and Miss Mitchell.


Mr Sloboda is our caretaker.