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The curriculum

For further information relating to our curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher.

In 2018-19, we are learning through these themes:


We have an over-arching theme of "Transport" through the year, linked to the history curriculum.




We need you!

History – WW1/WW2

Science – forces; electricity

Computing – search technologies

Art – drawing portraits

DT – make a war vehicle

Geography – rivers; contrasting area of UK with non-European country (Japan); name 7 continents; name and locate 4 countries of UK and their capital cities


Also –

Black History month (October)

Bonfire night (5th November)

Christmas (December)



Geography – continents and oceans; UK cities, countries and seas; seasons and daily weather patterns

Science – plants; rocks; seasonal changes

History – Local history – steelworks; N Lincs during WW1/2

Art –printing patterns based on artist

DT – used printed fabric to make an item eg bookmark, bag

Computing – Database, image editing, safer internet use


Also –

Chinese New Year (5th February)



Planet Protectors

History – stone age to iron age

Science – living things and habitats; every day materials (recycling); states of matter and changes of materials

Geography –water cycle; identify location of hot and cold areas; oceans

Art – sculpture with recycled materials

Computing – design, write and debug programs, algorithms

DT – make a locally sourced meal with minimum plastic; what do local shops do with out of date food?


Also –

Y4 visit to a Sikh temple

Y5 visit to a mosque

Celebrating diversity