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Welcome to our sports page!

Here at Messingham, we are proud of the role sport plays in our day to day life. Miss Houldridge is our sports leader and is always looking at new ways to improve our sporting opportunities at school. If you can think of any ways in which we can improve sport at our school, the please let me know!


We believe the sporting values and skills can be upheld through most lessons within school.

We strive to improve and never give up.

We work great as a team as well as on our own.

We believe in each other and also in ourselves.

We solve our own problems and help others to solve theirs too. 

We recognise our own strengths and realise we all have different stengths so as a team we are strongest.

We recognise the strength of diversity and celebrate this.


This page celebrates all that we do at Messingham!

Home learning support

As we are sadly not at school, you may be missing our fun sporting activties. To help you and your family have fun, below I have added lots of different sporting activities you can all do. Let me know what you think of them by emailing in to your class teachers and they will pass it on. You could say which you love, which you found difficult or if you have been creative and made your own. Maybe I could share your fabulous ideas on here too! 

Keep active but remember most importantly to keep safe!


This is the first week since lockdown began that I won't be posting anything new. This week is my week off so I will be enjoying time at home with my family. I hope you all enjoy the half term too and I will be  ready with new activities next week (maybe even with some videos of myself). See you soon! 

Miss Houldridge x


This competition can be viewed in full here 

It is all about athletics!

You will be required to perform 5 Athletics disciplines and record your best combined results in order to create your overall pentathlon score. Challenge YOURSELF to keep increasing your personal best with practice and dedication.

Once you are happy that you are at your optimum level – make a recording on your device upload with your application. Submit your scores on the entry page and we will collate them all to announce the Humber winners for your age group. Please do not cheat and only submit what you have actually achieved! 

The age categories for this challenge are:-

  • KS1
  • KS2

The 5 activities you will need to perform are….

  1. 20 x 5m Shuttle run - Preview Video
  2. Standing Long Jump - Preview Video
  3. Vertical Jump - Preview Video
  4. Speed Bounce - Preview Video
  5. Target Throw - Preview Video

All of these actions can be done at home using equipment you already have, we've given some examples for you. If you need any further guidance or would like to watch a video of it being done to help you.

Entries close 5pm Tuesday 26th May. Once the entries have been verified, we will contact the winners and publish their name (subject to full parental consent). All winners will receive a certificate and a medal in due course.

Netball week long challenge

Alphabet Challenge

Alphabet Challenge 1

Baby Shark Abs Challenge!

Lots of you loved the cha cha slide plank challenge so this week I'm making it harder! Here is your next challenge. Watch the video and then have a go yourself!

Baby shark abs challenge!!

Baby shark challenge - gymnast style



Athletics weekly activities

Athletics weekly activities 1
Athletics weekly activities 2
Athletics weekly activities 3
Athletics weekly activities 4
Athletics weekly activities 5

Target Hit

Still image for this video

20 second workout

Still image for this video


Twist and Pulse did this a few years ago. They only do 2 minutes of the song. Can you plank for longer? I know my Year 6s could this year with on completing the whole song! Have a go at this week's Miss Houldridge challenge.
P.S. Year 6 I'm almost making it the full song now too!

Home Challenges

Below, there are lots and lots of different activities for you to have a go at during your time at home. I have attached all the sheets that explain what you can do but there is also a video for each sheet that can be found at

27/04/20 Bleep Test

This is a horrible test of fitness but one that will make you strong and fit. Keep practising it and PE/Sport will be so much easier when we get back to normal. You only need 20m!

Sportshall Home Pentathlon

As a lot of you were entered for the Sportshall challenge that has sadly been cancelled, Sportshall are running a home pentathlon competition. Here is all the information. Please visit for the resources if the links are not working.

Home Pentathlon


The Home Pentathlon is a fun way for families to take part in adapted Sportshall Athletics events within their home environment. 

To take part in the Home Pentathlon please clearly follow the guidance provided in the notes document below. Once you have taken part and recorded your results challenge other families to have a go!

For visual guidance on how to take part please follow the appropriate Youtube link below!


To enter and record your results:


Download the spreadsheet below and enter results for 5 events for up to 6 people.


1. Download the Google Sheets app on your phone.

2. Follow this link and Make a Copy of the sheet Google Sheet  .

3. Press the button with the three dots (ο ο ο), then Share & export and then ‘Make a Copy’ (this is really important so only you can see your results) and then enter your results.   

4. You can even share your copy of the Google sheet with your friends and enter your own results on the same sheet.


Once completed, share your results files (please include your County) with for entry in our Virtual Leaderboard.


We encourage everyone in the household to take part in the Home Pentathlon (where possible) but all activity must take place under adult supervision, ensuring;

– All surfaces are clear, dry and free from debris.

– Sufficient space is cleared around all activity – ensure there are no obstacles around activity.

– If the suggested preferred adaptations can’t be used a safe/sensible alternative is considered.