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Welcome to our sports page!

Here at Messingham, we are proud of the role sport plays in our day to day life. Miss Houldridge is our sports leader and is always looking at new ways to improve our sporting opportunities at school. If you can think of any ways in which we can improve sport at our school, the please let me know!


We believe the sporting values and skills can be upheld through most lessons within school.

We strive to improve and never give up.

We work great as a team as well as on our own.

We believe in each other and also in ourselves.

We solve our own problems and help others to solve theirs too. 

We recognise our own strengths and realise we all have different stengths so as a team we are strongest.

We recognise the strength of diversity and celebrate this.


This page celebrates all that we do at Messingham!

Sports day results


Firstly, I would like to thank all of you that took part in our virtual sports day and to everyone that sent in results. I have had lots of positive feedback from it so I am pleased that you had fun while doing these events! Some children that are in school did some of the events as well and all the results have been collected in.


The winners of the KS1 sports day this year are Keegan! A massive thank you goes to Thomas, Indie and Noah for producing some fantastic results for your house team. Newton came second thanks to Toby, Ivy and Mary. Your results were brilliant and really boosted your house team’s performance. Plowright were third thanks to Myles and Harry for your great running! Tennyson came fourth.



It was so great to see lots and lots of you take part in KS2. Your results are amazing and you all should be proud of yourselves! The winners of the KS2 sports day were Plowright! A huge well done to the girls as Lyla, Chloe, Lili, Darcie and Nancy won this for us! Also a shout out goes to Adam and Jude for a couple of 1sts and 3rds each. Tennyson came 2nd with a big thanks to Carter, Oliver and Jack for their high scoring events! Keegan came third thanks to Oscar, Amy, Stanley, Hayden and Oliver! Newton came 4th with Spencer, Dexter, Scarlett, Fletcher and Dexter providing the most points for their house team.


A huge well done goes to everyone though that took part. It was lovely to see you in school participating and at home saying how happy it made you. Fingers crossed next year we get to celebrate it on the field once again. It is always a highlight of my year and even though we it was a little different this year, it has been lovely to know you have still been enjoying your sport!


So all that is left to do is announce the overall winners…

4th- with 175 points is Netwon

3rd- with 205 points is Tennyson

2nd- with 280 points is Keegan

1st- with a massive 350 points is Plowright


It was extremely close all the way through. Tennyson led in the early days but Keegan and Plowright soon caught up and all three were jostling for the top position. It was on the very last day that Plowright flew up the leader board with lots of entries being sent in during the last couple of days.


Hopefully see you all soon! Stay sporting and have as best a summer as you can!