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Sports funding

PE Money - 2014-15


Please also see the section in Children; Sports


All schools in the UK received additional sports funding this year. This is an amount of money which must be spent on the development of sport for pupils.

We received £9,095

This money has been spent on:

  • Gym mentoring for teachers’ professional development.  The mentor was in for a full day a week for a term.  She worked closely alongisde teachers to help with progression in gymnastics. The quality of our gymnastics lessons has dramatically increased as a result.
  • Equipment for children to use.
  • Spare PE kits for those who have not brought them in, to ensure they can still participate.
  • Towards Street Beat after school club.
  • Transport for PE events and competitions
  • Supply for teachers at PE events and competitions.
  • We have spent £2500 on membership to the School Sports Partnership, which provides organisation, training and resources for inter-school sports.

The school has competed in many events this year with other schools:

  • Cross country events over Autumn Term
  • Athletics
  • Dance Showcase
  • RAF leadership
  • New Age Kurling and Boccia
  • 11-a-side football
  • High fives
  • Quad Kids