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RT - Miss Turner

  Welcome to Reception T!

We are the Bumblebees class


Welcome to all our new pupils and parents. We hope that you will find this page useful in providing extra information. Please don't hesitate to come and ask if you cannot find the answers that you need on this page.

We have a fun packed first year at school ahead of you!!


 Who works and helps in the Reception class?

Miss Turner is the Class Teacher.

Mrs Potter is the Early Years Practitioner who supports Miss Turner in the classroom.

Miss O'Brien is an Early Years Practitioner who supports Miss Turner in the classroom.

Miss O'Neill and Miss Guntrip also works within the Early Years unit and will look after the Reception pupils during the dinner hour.

Miss Porter will teach the class on a Friday morning when Miss Turner has her planning time.


We also are very lucky to have lots of volunteers that come to help us.

Mrs Welton is a volunteer who helps children with reading in the class. She often comes on Mondays and Thursdays.

Mrs McDonald is a volunteer who comes to help on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Mrs Raddish is a volunteer and will be come in to help us on Wednesday mornings.

Mrs Amey is a volunteer who helps children with reading in the class. She often comes on Wednesdays.







Other useful information

We will have PE lessons every Thursday morning. We will send PE bags home after the lesson. We also have a second PE slot on a Tuesday morning. We will use this for drama, singing or sometimes for an extra PE session. Therefore, we will need our PE kit on Tuesday.


All pupils will need a pair of Wellingtons for outdoor play sessions.


We will check Home-link books at least once a week.There will be opportunities for children to show any learning that they have been doing at home.


We ask that pupils read three times a week at home. We understand that pupils may be tired and this may only be short sessions. Please remember to write down in the red diary when your child has read at home. Reading books/ cards will be changed at least once a week if pupils can confidently read without support.


Please don't hesitate to come and ask a member of staff if you have any other queries!



Reception Class Newsletters

Here you will find  copy of the Reception newsletter for each half term. The newsletter contains notes about what we will be learning in the classroom and also some links to learning activities that you may like to try at home.

The Class Timetable

Please note that this timetable will change as the year progresses and the children are preparing for Year One.






Autumn Term - First Half- September 2018 

The focus of this half term will be to help all of our new pupils with settling into school life. Our theme will be called 'All About Me'  and we will have lots of opportunities to get to know each other. We will play lots of games and learning activities to help us develop our class community. Please see the class newsletter below. This will tell you more information about what we will be learning this half term and Home-link activities that you may like to take part in with your child.There will be a new newsletter every half term.




Autumn Term - Second Half - November 2018

This half term in Reception, we will be looking at the use of light in celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, Birthdays and Christmas. We will also be looking at a theme of light and dark. Please look out for the letter about our special dark themed day in November. We are inviting children to bring torches and toys with lights so that they can explore these in a dark classroom!! We hope that this will be a fun and exciting day for pupils.



Spring Term One - January 2019

Reception would like to wish everyone a very happy new year! This term we will be investigating patterns in art, maths, PE lessons and music lessons. We will be using 'Meerkat Mail' as our book study for this half term. This will lead us into learning about meerkats and Africa. It will also allow us to look at African patterns in art and music. At the end of this half term, we will be visiting Messingham Church and Reverend David will be talking to us about the Easter Story. This is in preparation for our Easter Play that will take place in the next half term.


Spring Two - February 2019

This half term we will be very busy preparing for our Easter performance at the end of this term. We will begin the half term by investigating Life Cycles. Children will find out and talk about the changes in the lives of caterpillars, frogs and chickens. We will also spend some of this half-term, investigating signs of spring. The Role Play area will be set up as The Very Healthy Caterpillar Cafe and children will be encouraged to serve healthy meals to their customers!

Summer One - April 2019

This half term we will be

Summer Two - June 2019

Finally, we will be saying goodbye to this year's Reception class and wishing them well as they move on to Year One.