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Welcome to the Reception Maths page.


The best way to support your child is through repetition. The more a child does something the more they understand it and apply their new learning. 


If you have any further questions please speak to your class teacher or Miss Martin. 


Some ideas you can do at home are:


Sing number songs.

Counting anything and everything! 

Play pretend shopping – write price labels for shop, use 1p coins to pay for items and develop simple adding.

Sharing out sweets, biscuits, juice so everyone has the same.

 Play hide and seek counting to 20.

I spy with shapes – ‘I spy with my little eye something that is a circle/square/ cube/sphere 

Play dice games with two dice. Find total to move. P

ractise counting on using numbered board games. 

Make repeating patterns with everyday objects. 

Read stories involving numbers - Ten in the bed, Ten little princesses, One is a snail, Ten is a crab, The great pet sale....

Play number games – Snakes and  Ladders, Number Snap, Dominoes, Number Lotto. 

Make a tally to record things they see / Counting games in the car. 
Bath foam numbers/Fridge magnets.

Order numbers to 10 forwards and backwards.

Make simple number sentences and use fingers/objects to work out the answers.

Here are some useful webpages