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We are the Rabbits Class.



Following your email from Mrs Cavanagh this morning, please also find below the link to your special message from the staff. Stay safe.


Hi everyone, it's Miss Morris - here are the audio stories I have done that you can listen to - You will need to download the PowerPoint, open it up and then play it as a slide show - you will hopefully hear me telling you the story.

I hope you enjoy


Hi there - if it is your birthday whilst we are not at school then we haven't forgotten you! I have attached a link to Happy Birthday! So, get the family up - sing Happy Birthday and dance to your heart's content - the whole school won't be watching this time!


I have also attached the links to other songs that we sometimes sing on a Tuesday morning - have a good sing song - singing makes you feel positive and fills you with energy.


Have fun singing - remember the actions to some - and behave for people at home!

Miss Morris

Our Class page will give you lots of information about what is going on in school. Our third term at school will focus on two topics 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Superheroes'.


Reception: Welcome back! 


Year 1: We will 


There's lots to look forward to this term and I hope you have a fantastic year.



     R/1M – Miss Martin    2019 – 2020   Long Term Yearly Plan

Autumn Term 1

People who help us.


Reception: This term will focus on settling the Receptions into school and start their learning journey. We will begin the foundations of learning, ready to build on these throughout the year. They will learn about people who help us, starting off with the teachers and our school helpers and then move onto other occupations such as nurses, fire workers and the police.


Year 1:  Similarly to Reception, this term will focus on settling into Year 1 and will have a ‘People who help us’ theme. We will learn about teachers, postmen, nurses, firefighters, police and think about our own future jobs! This will run through both their English and topic work.

Autumn Term 2



Reception: This is the busy term! During this term we will celebrate Autumn, Bonfire night, Poppy Day. Diwali and Christmas. These celebrations will entail a wide range of work including Maths, Art, Writing, Reading and many investigations. Other stories this term include The Gruffalo and The Gingerbread man.


Year 1:  Again, this term will focus on Celebrations and we will celebrate Birthdays, Bonfire night, Remembrance Day and Christmas. There will be lots of writing going on in this term including our letters to Santa! This term we will also focus on some familiar stories including the Gruffalo and The Gingerbread man. We might even get to do some baking.

Spring Term 1



Reception: This term will focus on a ‘Frozen’ theme. This will cover winter, texts relating to the cold theme and possibly the new Frozen film. We will also celebrate Chinese New Year during this term. We will learn about new places in our world during this term as well.


Year 1:  Throughout this term Year 1 will focus on the book ‘Lost and found’. This will lead us down the path of ‘cold places’ and ‘winter’. We will explore the world from the cold places to the hot places, as well as the United Kingdom. We may also explore the new Frozen film which will be released this term!

Spring Term 2

Animals/New Life


Reception: As Reception are very busy this term getting ready for the Easter play they will mostly be focusing on new life (Easter chicks and lambs), Spring and generally ‘Easter’. This is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about Lifecycles and change.


Year 1: This term we will focus on a range of animals. This will particularly feed well into science. There will be a wide range of texts covered during this term including rhyming books, poems, fiction and non-fiction books.

Summer Term 1

Jack and the beanstalk - Plants.


Reception: As this term is all about ‘Plants’, what better text then Jack and the beanstalk to look at. Through this topic we can learn all about plants, growth and change, as well as investigating fruit and vegetables.  


Year 1:  For our plant topic Year 1 will focus on the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. During this term we will delve deep into the story exploring the characters, setting, plot and more! We will also explore real plants during our topic work and plant some beanstalks of our own!

Summer Term 2



Reception: For the final term in Reception what better topic then Superheroes! One of the many exciting books we will look at this term is Michael Recycle. This will lead us down the path of the importance of Recycling and how we can be Recycling superheroes!


Year 1:  For the final term in Year 1 we will focus on the exciting topic of Superheroes! Along with many other stories we will also focus on the text ‘Michael Recycle’ to emphasise the importance of recycling and looking after our planet.





Important Information

Miss O'Neill is the Early Years Practitioner who helps in our class.


PE is on a THURSDAY.


On a Tuesday morning Miss Martin will teach all of Reception in Miss Turner's class (that's both Miss Martin's Reception and Miss Turner's children all in the same class together) and Miss Morris will teach Miss Martin's Year 1 children during this time. 


On a Friday morning Miss Morris will teach both Reception and Year 1.


Reception and Year 1: It is essential that you hear your child 3x a week and record it in their diary. Not only does this earn them individual certificates and class rewards but develops their reading fluency, spelling, reading comprehension, phonics skills as well as a passion for reading. Read to succeed.


Year 1: Homework will be given on a Friday and will need handing in the following Wednesday, along with their reading books and reading records to be changed. In Year 1 Maths cards and spellings are also introduced and these need to be practiced at home and recorded in homework books.


If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or school directly.


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