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Our House Teams


Back in 2010, our Y6 pupils were set a special task - to find out about some local heroes and decide which four we should name our House Teams after.

Following a few weeks of in depth research, a number of famous locals were discovered and then the school had the opportunity to vote for their four favourite local heroes.

Everyone in school tries to gain as many house points as possible every each half term. Children can earn house points for a range of things such as great contributions in class, helping staff or children, great work, tidying their place or brilliant sport to name a few. Miss Houldridge then counts them all up and reveals which team has the most on the first Friday back after half term. Each team then has a reward depending on what position they came in. 

1st- Disco or Sporting activities (weather permitting and voted for by the winning team)

2nd- Wet play games

3rd- Art

4th- Reading activities