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Home Learning tasks - Year 1

     All work done at home can be sent to myself (Miss Martin) on this email:
If you are struggling to do the work because you cannot print off the sheets please do not worry about printing the sheets off, most of the learning can either be done through the attached videos or written onto paper. Also if you have finished all the work or a looking for a sheet free alternative the BBC have created a fantastic learning resource where they upload new Maths, English and Topic lessons everyday with informative videos from a range of celebrities and activities to go alongside the lessons too. Please follow this link: and there are other good online lessons on Oak National Academy too please copy and paste: 

 Home Learning - Summer Term

This term our topic is superheroes!


Now all of the Year 1 pupils from our class have returned I will not be putting the work on the webpage for Year 1 every week. If you would like the work for a specific day please email me on the above address and I can send it to you. Alternatively, please look on Miss Wren's class page as the work set is the same for both classes.

I look forward to seeing everyone back at school this week.

All the best - Miss Martin.  


 You can also visit BBC Bitesize on to view their daily Maths lessons if you would like any additional work. Oak National Academy is also another website where you can access online learning without the need to print out any sheets, instead there are quizzes and videos. Please follow this link:


To access the Maths work: Go to the top bar for all the videos this week. Please watch the video. We do not have a school subscription to access the worksheets but if you follow the BBC Bitesize link then you can play games/quizzes to access further learning (   Then click on each lesson per day. 

Extra 'Time' work booklet

Here are some additional Maths Worksheerts

Additional English ideas


This week in phonics the class are revising the Phase 5 sounds. Any phonics activities that the children are familiar with are all on - login: march20  password: home 

I have attached some Power Point presentations that we use in class.

2 of them are the sounds and these must be revised everyday. The other Power point is some sentences that incide the sounds and is also very useful. 

Continue reading your school reading books and if you have read them all Oxford owl also have a range of oxford reading tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books available online at:
This week I have attached a booklet containing activities for Phase 5 phonics.

I have also seen some teachers providing videos for Phonics teaching. Mr Mc is an amazing educator and has some other useful videos on his YouTube channel as well as uploading a daily phonics lesson at 11am everyday please find his channel at: or search 'Mr Mc' on YouTube. 

We don't follow RWI but these are useful Phonics documents

Here are the Year 1 National Currirulum objectives if you want to think of your own additional activities.

Please see the attachments for additional webpages and resource ideas.

I will finally upload website logins here so you can access a full range of resources from many websites. Please email me on the website at the top of the page if you have any questions or concerns and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for you help if this uncertain time - Miss Martin :)


  • -BBC Lessons on Maths, English and Topic uploaded daily.
  • Twinkl =  Password:   PARENTSTWINKLHELPS
  • Oxford Owl = - School reading scheme books that can be read online- Most Useful (Make your own login for free - if it doesn't work you can have mine)
  • Corbett Maths = Higher Level Maths
  • Phonics Hero = and other resources if you just google "Phonics hero".
  • Number Fun = 
  • Science experiments =