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Home Learning tasks - Year 1

All work done at home can be sent to myself (Miss Martin) on this email:

Please see the attachments for additional webpages and resource ideas.

Here are the Year 1 National Currirulum objectives if you want to think of your own additional activities.

Week 2 refers to the week commencing 23.3.20. Week 3 refers to the week commencing 30.3.20



Below you will find the weekly work that we have set for your child from our school. You may also like to sign up to the daily maths sessions called Number Fun that will be broadcast at 10am on week days on YouTube. Please find the link below.


Week 2 = W.C- 23.3.20 I have attached the work we would have done this week again. The Maths work is still revision as to what we have done this term. Monday (23.3.20) would have been our Inter house Sports competition so there was no set Maths and English tasks. I will upload each lesson a day early this week and attach any additional work I find appropriate for if your child finishes all the work set. Please email me (Miss Martin) on the above email address if this work is too hard/easy for your child and to show me what you've been getting up to at home!


Week 3  - W.C- 30.3.20
This week we will be continuing to recap learning we have done so far this year. Here are a few worksheets that focus on place value, addition and subtraction, money and time. I have attached worksheets for place value, addition and subtraction and money. For time I have attached a game of bingo. Give the children a bingo board and then call out various times and if there’s is called out they cover it. (The easier one would be using the one that says ‘4 o clock’ before moving on to the clocks). The Year 1 maths objectives are included in the curriculum pack if you wish
to practise anything else.
Extension: If you have finished all the tasks uploaded for the week there are some fantastic resources on 'White Rose Maths Hub' Please follow the attached link:  

Number Fun Live #1 - Shoe Chaos

Welcome to Number Fun Live! Click on the link below to find the Number Fun Monster Challenge resources.

Additional Maths ideas W2 & W3


Week 2 - 23.3.20 - This week we will be focusing on the story 'We're Going on a bear Hunt'. This can be found on YouTube. We will be describing the settings, ordering the story using a story map and writing the story.

Here is a link to 'We're going on a bear hunt;'.


Week 3 - 30.3.20
This week we are thinking all things Easter. For your Writing/Reading tasks this week I have uploaded the following tasks:
1) An Easter Journal sheet where you can write about what you have been doing each day at home. 
2) The Easter Story writing booklet- please find the story on YouTube, Libraries or in a children's Bible.
3) An 'Easter English Activity Booklet' Full of a range of ideas.

Topic - W2= Art/Science (Food)     W3= Art/ICT/Science (Plants)


Week 2 - 23.3.20 = In Art we have been looking at observational drawings using a range of 'media' this just means the material we have used e.g. pencils, crayons, oil pastels, paint etc. I completely understand you will not have all of these resources at home but I have attached the sheet for you to complete with what you do have available. In Science we will be learning about where food comes from including which food comes from plants/animals. We will be also learning about different diets e.g. Meat eaters, Vegetarian and Vegan. 


Week 3 - 30.3.20 =  Art= This week we were going to be making Easter cards at school. Although I can't send home colouring pencils, feathers and cotton wool it still might be nice for you to create your own Easter card at home. Here are a few ideas, if you want more ideas you could search "Easter card ideas" on Google.    Science = I have also attached a range of things you could do outdoors now the weather is improving. You could even plant your own seeds.  Can you remember the other things our seeds need to grow? 

ICT= This week I had planned for the children to use the school iPads to type in their own web addresses and then follow a programming game. We are learning about algorithms, programming and how to 'debug' a programme. First watch the BBC Bitesize video : What is an algorithm? ( The  children need to type into google: jit turtle . Then they can practise programming using this game. 

Easter card ideas

Easter card ideas 1
Easter card ideas 2


This week in phonics the class are revising the Phase 5 sounds. Any phonics activities that the children are familiar with are all on - login: march20  password: home 

I have attached some Power Point presentations that we use in class.

2 of them are the sounds and these must be revised everyday. The other Power point is some sentences that incide the sounds and is also very useful. 

Continue reading your school reading books and if you have read them all Oxford owl also have a range of oxford reading tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books available online at:
This week I have attached a booklet containing activities for Phase 5 phonics.

I have also seen some teachers providing videos for Phonics teaching. Mr Mc is an amazing educator and has some other useful videos on his YouTube channel as well as uploading a daily phonics lesson at 11am everyday please find his channel at: or search 'Mr Mc' on YouTube. 

We don't follow RWI but these are useful Phonics documents



I will finally upload website logins here so you can access a full range of resources from many websites. Please email me on the website at the top of the page if you have any questions or concerns and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for you help if this uncertain time - Miss Martin :)


Twinkl =  Password:   PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Classroom secrets = Google "Classroom secrets free home learning packs".

Hamilton Trust = Google "Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs".

Oxford Owl = - School reading scheme books that can be read online- Most Useful (Make your own login for free - if it doesn't work you can have mine)

Teachers Pet Classroom resources = Google and download the free learning packs.

Corbett Maths = Higher Level Maths

imovement =

Phonics Hero = and other resources if you just google "Phonics hero".

Number Fun = = You can create yourself a free account, there is a range of resources that can be downloaded for free for all subjects and topics. 

TTS = (Free 40 page home learning booklet)