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Please see the attachments for additional webpages and resource ideas.

Week 2 refers to the week commencing 23.3.20. Week 3 refers tgo the week commencing 30.3.20

Maths Activities.  Week beginning: 30/3/20

Below you will find the weekly work that we have set for your child from our school. You may also like to sign up to the daily maths sessions called Number Fun that will be broadcast at 10am on weekdays on YouTube. Please find the link below.


This week we are working on sharing and halving. We were going to link this to an egg theme. We were going to practically share a pile of eggs into two groups and find out which numbers share evenly e.g. 4 and those that do not e.g. 7. After the practical work, can you complete the sharing eggs worksheets that you will find attached?

Other practical work for this week. What else can you find to share this week? Can you share into three groups instead of two?

Challenge Work – Can you make the link between doubling and halving? If double 3 is 6, then half of 6 will be 3.


We had also planned a fun Easter Egg Hunt for the last day where we hide mini chocolate eggs around the indoor and outdoor areas. Once we collected them, we were going to estimate how many there were. Estimate how many eggs that everyone would get each by the time we had shared them out. Then, we were going to count them, but put them into lines of 10 eggs so that we could count in 10s too, and also model how to keep track of where you are up to when you count larger sets.  You could hide eggs if you have any or something else for children to hunt, find, estimate, count and share.


You will also find an Easter counting sheet attached below.

Please find below sheets to help with these skills.


If you have finished all the tasks uploaded for the week there are some fantastic resources on 'White Rose Maths Hub' Please follow the attached link: 


Number Fun Live #1 - Shoe Chaos

Welcome to Number Fun Live! Click on the link below to find the Number Fun Monster Challenge resources.

Literacy Work - Week beginning: 30/3/20

This week, there is a focus on Easter. We would have been reading books about Easter in class. This includes ‘Were going on an Egg Hunt’ by Laura Hughes. See the link for a YouTube clip below.


1) Easter Egg Hunts- This week we were going to hide some plastic eggs indoors and outdoors. We were going to write a series of clues and hide these inside the eggs. Children would then read the next clue and look for the next egg. Look near the ……. I am next to the …….. I am in the ....... I am under the ......

Reading activity- Read the clues and follow the adult’s trail.

Writing activity – Write a series of clues with adult support for someone else to follow.


2) Easter Egg Hunt Maps – Can you draw and write labels on a map to show where all the eggs/ items where hidden?


3) A letter to a relative/friend – We were going to write invitations for our families to come to watch our Easter Play this week. Instead, children could write a letter to someone that they may not be able to see for a while. This could be a relative or a friend.


4) Easter Egg Matching Game – This is a game that we were going to play this week. Read the words and match to the right picture. Match the two halves of the egg. There are also some links to the booklets for revision of the tricky words. Different levels have been included. Most children are at the end of Phase 3 now and revising this as we move on to Phase 4. For some pupils, there is a Phase 2 booklet for those who seem unsure with Phase 3.


5) Easter Chick Farm. Below in the section for Expressive Arts and Understanding the World, you will find a link to a challenge card for Easter Chick Farm. We were going to make our own chick farm this week. We were then going to a write a checklist for looking after the chicks each day. The list would include the name of the chicks and a record of what they needed each day, e.g. food, water, clean bedding, light and heat.


6) Spelling Shed website – Sign in and work on your spellings for this week.

Please find some sheets linked to these activities below.

We are going on an egg hunt

Here is a book to help get started with egg hunts and clues.

Physical Development – 30/3/20


We have been working on the ladder letters that start at the top and go down. This week we are revising all of the ladder letters. There are two sheets to keep you busy. We are also trying to orientate these letters correctly as some are tall letters going into the upper part of the line and some are lazy letters and hang down below the line.

Please see the attached poster showing all the letters – Ladder Letters -Week 5

Please see the attached sheets- Handwriting -Ladder Letter revision sheet – ilt and Ladder Letter revision sheet – ujy.


PE- Games

Every weekday, Joe Wicks does his PE Lesson on YouTube. It starts at 9am and lasts for half an hour. Search for, P.E with Joe

This week we were going to have a series of races that involve skills that we had been learning this term.

  • Egg and spoon races but weaving in and out of cones/ obstacles.
  • Bean bag shuttle runs. Run back and forth taking one bean bag at a time from one hoop to the other.  This could be different objects instead of bean bags.
  • Walk and balance a bean bag on your head race.

Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World – 30/3/20

As we would have been performing our Easter concert this week, we would be talking about why and ways to celebrate Easter. There is a PowerPoint attached which shows ways that people celebrate Easter all around the world. You could share and discuss these slides with your child. You could then investigate where these countries are on a globe or a map. Children could choose one of the Easter customs and countries to draw and write about. Then, children could write about what they like to do at Easter.

  • Children can create a painting with a range of different coloured and patterned Easter eggs. (The end of a potato masher prints good egg shapes!)
  • Children could try or even make hot cross buns.
  • Children could make a miniature Easter garden in a tray or a tub?
  • We were also going to build an Easter chick farm this week, using outdoor materials and junk modelling. This links to a Literacy activity above.  Please see attached this challenge card which illustrates the idea.

Phonics Activities

Reception have learnt all the Phase 2 sounds and are either beginning to learn the Phase 3 sounds or have learnt most of them by now, depending on what group they're in. Some phonics activities that the children are familiar with are on and there are some free games they can play. A powerpoint has been attached which has all the letter sounds, words and reading captions that we have been learning in Phase 3. Some of our pupils have worked through most of these words and sounds now and we are beginning to revise this phase. Other pupils are just beginning these activities.



We have included two phonics sheets below.

One sheet asks children to identify the missing sounds of sh, ch, th or ng. Most of our pupils have completed this sheet already. This sheet is for those pupils who need a little more help. Children will need to be introduced to these sounds using the slides in the Phase 3 PowerPoint below.

The second activity, has a selection of words that are missing one of the Phase 3 sounds that we have been learning. As a means of revision, pupils would be shown the pictures and asked to identify and write the missing Phase 3 sound. A strip with all the Phase 3 sounds on, has been included for children. Children can refer to this, if they know the sound but are unsure how this should be recorded.

I have also seen some teachers providing videos for Phonics teaching. Mr Mc is an amazing educator and has some other useful videos on his YouTube channel as well as uploading a daily phonics lesson at 11am everyday please find his channel at: or search 'Mr Mc' on YouTube.

I will finally upload website logins here so you can access a full range of resources from many websites. Please email me on the website at the top of the page if you have any questions or concerns and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for you help if this uncertain time - Miss Martin :)


Twinkl =  Password:   PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

Classroom secrets = Google "Classroom secrets free home learning packs".

Hamilton Trust = Google "Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs".

Oxford Owl = - School reading scheme books that can be read online- Most Useful

Teachers Pet Classroom resources = Google and download the free learning packs.

imovement =

Phonics Hero and other resources if you just google "Phonics hero".

Number Fun = = You can create yourself a free account, there is a range of resources that can be downloaded for free for all subjects and topics. 

TTS = (Free 40 page home learning booklet)