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Ethos & Values

We at Messingham believe that education is a lifelong process with school playing a vital part in that process. During their early years we are preparing our children for their future role in an ever changing society. We lay firm foundations so that they may be able to grow to their maximum potential. We allow them to become adaptable, be able to solve problems, acquire skills, form concepts and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

In order that our children develop the essential skills, concepts and attitudes, we attempt to provide them with first hand experiences as relevant to each individual child as we can, thus allowing him/ her to derive from them as much as is physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually  possible.

We attempt to provide the children in our care with the essential learning experiences which will enable them not only to make progress in each subject area but also to express themselves with fluency, numeracy, clarity and confidence. We encourage the children to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others and to adopt a socially acceptable pattern of behaviour. We will also help pupils to understand the diverse nature of their local and wider communities. We support pupils to develop respect for different religions, beliefs and ways of life and to develop an attitude which is opposed to discrimination against any person or group.

The school also endorses the educational aims outlined in the document “school Curriculum in North Lincolnshire” and the aims of the National Curriculum.