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Everyday, pupils in our school have English lessons. Sometimes these focus on reading skills, sometimes on writing skills. Writing skills include spellings, the use of punctuation and correct grammar. Children who read a lot benefit from having good vocabulary - we learn a lot about writing from reading good books! The skills they learn in English are practised in topic lessons, so there is lots of writing in their Topic Books.


There are daily phonics lessons for all pupils in Reception and KS1. We follow the "Letters and Sounds "programme.

By the time pupils take the Phonics Screen Check in June of Y1, they will have been taught the sounds that letters make and different ways of spelling the sounds.

Alongside of the sounds, pupils also learn to spell those tricky words that don't follow the rules of phonics eg saw, was, because.

In Year 2, the sessions become more focussed on spelling age appropriate words, but phonics session continue for pupils who still need them.


English objectives for each year group