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Kahoot Choice Challenge - This week you can have a choice from 2 Kahoots. You can do just one or both if you like. Enjoy!  You need to do them by Wednesday.

Premier League Football 2018/2019 season:

Disney songs:


Results from the Skellig Kahoot: 1st= Chloe N, 2nd= Harry and 3rd= Adam - Well done and thank you for completing it as not many did!

Results from the Mount Everest Kahoot: 1st = Chloe N, 2nd = Harry and 3rd = Adam - Super skills guys!

Results from the Pie Chart Kahoot: 1st = Harry, 2nd = Jessica and 3rd = Carter - Well done!



Following your email from Mrs Cavanagh this morning, please also find below the link to your special message from the staff. Stay safe.

Quiz Time  

Have a go at this trivia quiz. There will be four rounds to complete so add up your score as you go along then send it through to me. You can use Google if you need to. Answers will be put up with the next round of questions. Enjoy!


Picture 1



Please read if your child is due to join Frederick Gough School, Year 7 in September 2020

Hello, we are aware that the instruction from the government to close schools may be causing you some concern with regards to your child’s transition to secondary school. Please be reassured that while things will be different this year we will be working hard to provide an effective transition for your child. You and your child may understandably be nervous about this stage in their education, but we hope you are excited too and we very much look forward to meeting you and to working with you.




Here's a Y6 writing booklet that you might want to work through

Here is a link to Oak National Academy if you want to follow some of the Y6 lessons on there:


BBC Bitesize also have some great lessons and learning to follow:

Here are some Twinkl home learning resources if you wanted something else to do. Just click on each section and it will take you to the resource for that lesson.

Home Learning


Hi again Y6. This is the last week of this half term and usually, the week after SATs, would be full of lots of fun things and a bit of a break from the regular lessons. I don't think that this year should be any different just because you're at home. In fact, activities on the web page from now on will have a different feel about them and will hopefully be filled with things that you will enjoy. 

Please remember to email me at least once a week so I know how you're getting on.


You can read a book and take a quiz on AR reading


Remember to keep playing Prodigy and Spelling Shed - new assignments will be set on both. Spellings will be linked to your writing.

Keep scrolling down the page to find lots of other activities.

If you fancy listening to some online extracts of stories, I have attached a document with links to a variety of books. It might give you an insight into the next book you might like to read.


Monday -


Watch this video to introduce how to make curves using just straight lines and coordinates. If you have squared paper, you will find this easy and get a better result. If you haven’t got any, print off the one from the website or draw a grid using a pencil and a ruler. Have a go at a basic curve then try experimenting with different types of patterns. Please send me any finished ones; I’d love to see them.


Tuesday -

Have a look at this task now with using the same technique but with sewing. These can look really effective once they’re finished. You could even make them into a gift or card for somebody. Practise with card and threads – drawing the coordinates out first.

If possible, you could then design a main one to do onto fabric or enhance their original one.


Wednesday – You can have a choice of two activities today. You can either finish your curves from the last two days or have a go at another one or have a go at the rocket launch experiment.


Thursday – If you have a compass at home, you will need it for this activity. If not, you will need to get a lid/circle to draw around as you can create the same type of pattern with it instead. Watch the video clip on how to create a ‘flower of life’ pattern. Have a go re-creating one yourself. You can then decorate inside with block colours or patterns. I would love to see some of them!

If not, try this circular problem:


Friday – Advanced warning – you will need a bag of smarties (or M&M or Skittles would do) to complete this task. Have a go at the Smarties investigation. Work through the challenges which will test a variety of mathematical skills. If you can’t get your hands on any sweets for this, you could create a bag of different coloured things like counters, lego bricks, buttons etc.


Challenges for the week in English. You can choose one or more from this list to create a good quality piece of work by Friday and send it through to me. I will put them on the website for others to see or use. You could also use this time for getting stuck into a good book or finding out about something that really interests you. 


Challenge 1

Teach someone how to do something that you can do well. This can involve writing instructions, drawing pictures and/or creating an instructional video. You can teach someone how to bake a cake, keep a football up, play an instrument etc. Anything that you can do well that you think you could teach to someone else. Good practise for Take Over Day.


Challenge 2

Create an information report/booklet about anything from the natural world. This could be to do with animals, plants, countries, food, people etc. Choose something that really interests you and use this as an opportunity to become an expert on it. You will need to research first and then present in any way you like – be creative!


Challenge 3

Creative writing. Become an author. Write a story about a topic of your choice and with your choice of genre e.g. adventure, scary, mythical etc– be as imaginative as you can be. You can create character cards/images and art work to accompany your writing.


Challenge 4

News Reporter – can you create a news report about your time at home? You can use video and do it like a TV reporter. It can include interviews with your family and images from things you have been doing. If not, you could present it like a newspaper.


Challenge 5

Become a poet. Read a variety of poems and find some that you like the sound of.

Can you create your own poetry anthology writing a few poems of your own? You could theme your poems around things like seasons, school, families, animals, food or even the lockdown etc.



Thought I would record you a little treat of some silly stories!! Enjoy.

You will need to run it as a slideshow so the recording can be heard.


Hi there - if it is your birthday whilst we are not at school then we haven't forgotten you! I have attached a link to Happy Birthday! So, get the family up - sing Happy Birthday and dance to your heart's content - the whole school won't be watching this time!


I have also attached the links to other songs that we sometimes sing on a Tuesday morning - have a good sing song - singing makes you feel positive and fills you with energy.


Have fun singing - remember the actions to some - and behave for people at home!

Miss Morris

Miss Houldridge topic

This week would have been sports day! I have created a new obstacle course on my road to celebrate as the last one was so successful. What can you do to celebrate sports day?



Well done to all that did my Kahoot! 1st place- Adam, 2nd place- Talitha, 3rd place- Chloe N. I'm so pleased lots of you did it and you all did brilliantly. Muy bien!



This week we are looking at our local history. 

Firstly, read the informative timeline of the steelworks.

Then look at the pictures of a café, school, port, railway, house, shop, field (football stadium could be built there etc), car, bridges, knife and fork, motorway.

Can you come up with why they are connected to the steelworks and what the affects on them could be if we didn’t have the steelworks?

Finally, what would happen to Scunthorpe do they think if the steelworks would collapse. Think jobs, trade, businesses, communities, schools, families, environment and new opportunities. What are the positives and negatives?

You can present it however you like and you can do as much or as little of it as you like. 


I have decided to keep the Art project on the class page in case their are some of you that are in the middle of it or fancy having a go. It is to develop your art skills and knowledge by focusing on a particular artist - it is Henri Rousseau. I have attached a PowerPoint to start your thinking and to introduced his paintings. Try to create an artists study or a painting like his.


Picture 1


The DT project continues and can be easily done whilst you are on lockdown. Has anyone started to grow any fruit and vegetables for themselves and their families? Any success? I have some strawberry plants on the go! Just need to grow a jam and clotted cream plant now! laugh

Task 1 - try some of the recipes

Task 2 - Think of your favourite meal or dish - what I would like you to do is to change something/somethings about that dish to make it more healthy - I have attached a 'Food route' flyer to give you some ideas.

Task 3 - I have attached a link to 'Countryside Passport'. It is a resource that can be dipped into over the next few weeks but it can also give you some ideas of activities you might want to complete on your own or with your family.

Enjoy and I hope to see some of your inventions! x


Continuing with our learning about light and the next few weeks will be a revision of previous learning as well as some challenges connected to light sources, reflection and colour!


This week I would like you to consider shadows - with all the sunshine we have been having then I am sure you have noticed shadows all around. Please have a look through the powerpoint up to slide 5!! no cheating - and then give the pencil activity a go - you can then go on from slide 5 to have a look at how you did.


Would love to hear how some of you get on.

Thx and stay safe x


For this week, I would like you to think about you! - a subject that you should know quite a bit about.

I would like you to think about your journey so far! Where did it start? What has happened a long the way to make you who you are today. We all have events and a timeline that we can create and think about.

This is what I would like you to do...think about your journey and your timeline.

I have attached a few examples for layout ideas but you can present however you like.

I would love to see some of them - try to also explain why this event is important in your journey.


Y6 Spring Newsletter

Autmum Term Newsletter

Y6 Long Term Plan 2019-2020

Important information:

Mrs Smeaton will be teaching Maths and English every morning

Mrs Holmes is our Teaching Assistant.

Miss Morris will be teaching our class on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Miss Houldridge will be teaching our class on a Monday and Friday afternoon.

PE is on a Friday afternoon

Homework is set on Friday to be handed in on Wednesday.