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4/5T - Mrs Tutty

Welcome to the 4/5T class page!

It's MINIONS Week!




Please make sure you are checking in with me at least once a week :)




STAR OF THE DAY for the 9th July: THREE TODAY!!!

Ola for pushing herself and trying challenging tasks even though she doesn't need to.  Plus, Oscar and Jack for grammar raps that made me smile so much.  I absolutely loved them :)



Hi - welcome to our new online class!

I have now updated the Home Learning Letter which you will need to read.  Every day (Monday to Friday), I will upload a PUPIL GUIDANCE letter which will detail the tasks that the children can do.  Then, below that letter will be the resources.  I will also add a website of the week that will help your child do extra tasks if they get bored.

Most importantly stay safe and stay happy :)

Thank you so much for your support at this time :)  keep 


WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Play some great minion games right here!


MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY:  Try this great breathing exercise.


Class Blog!!! 

The old ones were filling up the page - so I've removed them but just email me if you want me to send one to you!

Home Learning Information and Resources for 4/5T & 4  from 3/4R - PLEASE READ
Home Learning 10.7.20
Home Learning 9.7.20
Home Learning 8.7.20
Home Learning 7.7.20
Home Learning 6.7.20

Hi there - if it is your birthday whilst we are not at school then we haven't forgotten you! I have attached a link to Happy Birthday! So, get the family up - sing Happy Birthday and dance to your heart's content - the whole school won't be watching this time!

I have also attached the links to other songs that we sometimes sing on a Tuesday morning - have a good sing song - singing makes you feel positive and fills you with energy.

Have fun singing - remember the actions to some - and behave for people at home!

Miss Morris



Hi there - it's Miss Morris and I thought it would be great to read to you while you are off - one of my favourite stories is The Magic Faraway Tree - I am going to record one chapter at a time for you to listen to. 

You will need to open the PowerPoint, start it as a slide show and have your sound on!

Hope you enjoy and excuse the mistakes - we all make them!

Please check this out from Humberside Police about keeping safe during Lockdown.  If you have any questions - just ask :)
Continuous PE Support
Long Term Plan for the year in 4/5T
Other Learning Resources
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