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STAR OF THE DAY for the 2nd April:

Yesterday's Star of the Day was Sam for his lovely Easter card :)


Hi - welcome to our new online class!

I have now updated the Home Learning Letter which you will need to read.  Every day (Monday to Friday), I will upload a PUPIL GUIDANCE letter which will detail the tasks that the children can do.  Then, below that letter will be the resources.  I will also add a website of the week that will help your child do extra tasks if they get bored.

Most importantly stay safe and stay happy :)

Thank you so much for your support at this time :)  


WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: watch West End shows for free!



This week, I want you to sing like the birds.  Miss Morris has added some songs below our Home Learning to help you.

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Home Learning Information and Resources for 4/5T - PLEASE READ
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Miss Houldridge

Hello 4/5T. I hope you are all safe and well. 

My work is all optional and as I am still in school, I will not be updating this that regularly. I have just decided to put up a range of activities that you may like to look at. As you know, my lessons are usually based on being active or having discussions so you don't always need to produce any work from my resources, you could just have a conversation with your family based on the topics I put up. You never know, you could be surprised at how varied people's ideas are! 

Take care 4/5. 


Lots of you have put rainbows in your window to make other people happy. Why not make yourself happy by creating a piece of work that symbolises happiness that is personal to you. Hang it in your room then you have a happy spot for when you need it. 


Look at the Easter Story to recap what it is about. Did you give anything up for lent this year? Was it difficult? 


We have looked at anti bullying and all the reasons friends fall out. We have looked at how falling out with someone is not bullying. We were going to create a lesson plan so teachers could teach your lessons to other classes. If you want to do that then feel free! Email it through and I will send them to the teachers your lesson is for. Even if it is next year, they will teach it and we will let you know how it goes. If you have younger siblings, you could always teach them about what bullying is, the different types and the difference between falling out and bullying. 


We were then going to celebrate our differences in our last week of the term. I have attached a powerpoint that shows our differences. Some of you may remember how people can be different from our diversity campaign and our Paralympic mascots. Create a poster on how it is good to be different. Can you make it personal and include what makes you unique? You could even look at your family and have a discussion about how you are all wonderfully unique. 


Miss Houldridge resources

Hi there - if it is your birthday whilst we are not at school then we haven't forgotten you! I have attached a link to Happy Birthday! So, get the family up - sing Happy Birthday and dance to your heart's content - the whole school won't be watching this time!

I have also attached the links to other songs that we sometimes sing on a Tuesday morning - have a good sing song - singing makes you feel positive and fills you with energy.

Have fun singing - remember the actions to some - and behave for people at home!

Miss Morris

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Long Term Plan for the year in 4/5T
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