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Welcome to Class 1W

This term our topic is Animals!


Welcome to the Class 1W webpage where you can find out what we are learning about in school.


Important Information:


Miss Wilson will be in our class every morning. 


PE is on a Thursday afternoon. Children should have their indoor and outdoor kits every week. 


On Tuesday mornings the children will be taught by Miss Holdridge.   


Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need handing back in on a Wednesday, along with their reading books and reading records to be changed. 


In Year 1 mental maths cards and spellings are also introduced and need to be practised at home every week.


If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or school directly.



Hi everyone, it's Miss Morris - this is my first attempt to read to you via internet and slide show - You will need to download the PowerPoint, open it up and then play it as a slide show - you will hopefully hear me telling you the story.

The first one I have tried is 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'

I hope you enjoy


Hi there - if it is your birthday whilst we are not at school then we haven't forgotten you! I have attached a link to Happy Birthday! So, get the family up - sing Happy Birthday and dance to your heart's content - the whole school won't be watching this time!


I have also attached the links to other songs that we sometimes sing on a Tuesday morning - have a good sing song - singing makes you feel positive and fills you with energy.


Have fun singing - remember the actions to some - and behave for people at home!

Miss Morris

Home learning tasks 



Week 1 (W.C 17.3.20) - Ideas for activities.

I have attached the national curriculum expectations for year 1 children in all subjects. Some of these objectives can be covered verbally. 


I have attached some worksheets related to any maths learning we are doing in class this week. This week we are focusing on things we have already covered but need to practise. On Monday, we are looking at addition and subtraction. On Tuesday, our focus is missing number problems. On Wednesday, we are looking at equality symbols > more than, < less than and = equal to. On Thursday the children will look at the value of different coins and notes. At home, children could look at different coins and learn the value of different coins. You could then ask your child to make specific amounts. 

On Friday we are recapping 2D shapes. Can your child identify different 2D shapes in everyday items around the house? They may even notice some 3D shapes. 


Mental maths activities: Number bonds to 10 & 20. Counting forwards and backwards to 100. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. 


English / Writing 

For our English work this week we are watching 'Finding Nemo'. The children are then going to rewrite the story independently. On Tuesday, we will be watching the film 'Finding Nemo' and talking about the events during the beginning, middle and end. On Wednesday we will write the beginning, Thursday the middle and Friday the ending. I have also attached some handwriting sheets for handwriting practise. 



In our Topic lessons this week we are focusing on animals. We have sorted some animals into groups and looked at the difference between omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. I have attached a sheet for the children to sort the animals into the correct animal group. Here is YouTube clip that goes through the different animals! 



This week in phonics the class are looking at phase 5 sounds. I have attached a sound mat containing sounds from phase 2 - 5  for the children to practise any sounds.  Any phonics activities that the children are familiar with are all on Phonics play are offering free subscription during this period and the children should be familiar with the range of activities on there. 


This week we are looking at alternative ways the 'ear' sound can look.  

This can be: eer, ear, ere, ier. 


Small activities for the children to do. 


Can you read these words? Are they real? Are they alien? 


deer, fearsome, pier, sheir, steer, here, dear, interfere, fleir, year, gear, Keir. 


For an additional task I have attached a piece of text containing words with the 'ear' sound. Can you find all of these words? Have a go at spelling them! 



Week 2 (W.C 23.3.20) - Ideas for activities.


Can you create your own rainbow picture and put it in a window at home? laugh You can email me your pictures on our class email! 








Activities for the children. 



This week we are going to be reading ‘We are going on a bear hunt!’. I am unable to send this story home however there is a YouTube clip of the story on this link: 

The children have read this story before and should be familiar with it. 


Here are some writing activities that were planned for the children to complete. 


  1. Describe what they can see in the picture using adjectives, nouns and verbs. 
  2. Create a story map of the story. This can be done using the attached document or on a blank piece of paper. The purpose of the story map is to help the children retell the story without writing it. 
  3. Rewrite the ‘We are going on a bear hunt story’ using my story map to help me. 
  4. Describe the different settings in the story using our senses. What can you see/hear/smell/feel? 



Below you will find the weekly work that we have set for your child from our school. You may also like to sign up to the daily maths sessions called Number Fun that will be broadcast at 10am on weekdays on YouTube. Please find the link below.


This week we were going to focus on a range of activities. These included 2D shape, place value and identifying one more and one less than certain amounts.  I have attached any useful documents or worksheets. A year 1 maths objective is to also look at sequencing things in the correct order. We were going to focus on sequencing our school day and then writing the days of the week in the correct order as well as the months of the year. 


  1. Place value sheet 
  2. Shape Sheet 
  3. One more, one less sheet 
  4. Sequencing the day



This week we are looking at where our food comes from. Does it come from a plant or an animal? This term we have looked at plants and animals and their differences. I have attached a sheet for the children to go through and decide if this food comes from a plant, animal or both. We were then going to talk about how we can be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater and create a meal for each. Perhaps you could do this practically at home using the food you have in.


We had also planned to practise using different media to create our own pictures. This included using pencil crayons, wax crayons and paints with thick and thin brushes. I have attached a picture of a flower with a blank box next to it. Ask the children to copy the flower using different art objects you may have at home. They could then evaluate which is their best version of the picture and why?  


Phonics / Reading 

Continue reading your school reading books. 

Oxford owl also have a range of oxford reading tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books available online at:

Phonics play also continue to offer free subscription and this is a website the children use daily. This week we would have been looking at alternative ways the ‘air’ sound can look. (air, are, ere, ear) such as: hair, share, where and bear. I have attached a sheet for the children to do in relation to this. I have also included the answers. 




You can email at 













Week 3 (30.3.20) 




Activities for the children 




This week you can focus on the Easter story! Here are a list of ideas you can do whilst you are not at school. 

1) An Easter Journal sheet where you can write about what you have been doing each day at home. 

2) The Easter Story writing booklet- please find the story on YouTube, Libraries or in a children's Bible.

3) An 'Easter English Activity Booklet' Full of a range of ideas




This week we will be continuing to recap learning we have done so far this year. Here are a few worksheets that focus on place value, addition and subtraction, money and time. I have attached worksheets for place value, addition and subtraction, money and 3D shape. For 3D shape you can use the 3D shape word mat to remind the children of the 3D shapes they should recognise.  For time I have attached a game of bingo. Give the children a bingo board and then call out various times and if there’s is called out they can cover this with a counter. (The easier one would be using the one that says ‘4 o clock’ before moving on to the clocks). The Year 1 maths objectives are included in the curriculum pack if you wish to practise anything else. 



This week we were going to be making Easter cards at school. Although I can't send home colouring pencils, feathers and cotton wool it still might be nice for you to create your own Easter card at home. I would love to see some pictures of these on our class email! 

Usually, this week in school would be quite craft based running up to Easter. I have attached a few worksheets the children may enjoy doing in relation to Easter. 

  • An Easter word search 
  • Create your own Easter basket 
  • Create your own Easter egg hunt – hide your eggs and give your family clues where to find them!
  • A spring scavenger hunt (for this one you could discuss how the weather is changing!) 


You could even plant your own seeds. Our cress seeds at school at starting to come through! I will do my best to keep watering them all for you. Can you remember the other things our seeds need to grow? 





Continue reading your school reading books. 

Oxford owl also have a range of oxford reading tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books available online at:

Phonics play also continue to offer free subscription and this is a website the children use daily when in school.  This week I have attached a booklet containing activities for Phase 5 phonics as this is the phase all Year 1 children are on.  

Miss Houldridge

Hello Year 1. To finish off our geography, we are going to look at where we live. I have a fantastic powerpoint for you and your parents that will help you learn about where you live. Maybe you could even use your one walk a day to go and look at what you can see in your village. You are also going to create a passport. The help is all on the powerpoint. I hope you enjoy and stay safe. 

I also wonder how many of you can tell your parents the 4 countries that make up the UK, their capital cities and the four main seas that surround the UK. I hope you can remember them all! Maybe refresh this if you have forgotten because it was a few weeks ago since we did it. I may have some help for you in the section below. 

Number Fun Live #1 - Shoe Chaos

Welcome to Number Fun Live! Click on the link below to find the Number Fun Monster Challenge resources.