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Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium funding action plan 2014-15

This year the goverment have set aside £8000 per school, plus £5 per pupil to fund improvements in PE.  (For our school, this equates to about £9250)

The government have 3 main aims for how to use this money:

1) To improve PE experience for all young people.

2) To Increase physical activity levels of young people.

3) To enable more young people to take part in school sport above and beyond PE lessons.


A PE steering group has been set up and has decided that the best way for us to use this money is to action the following...

To maintain inter-house competiton each term.

To continue to provide opportunities for children to represent school in sport. (We are already one of the best schools in our area for this.)

To maintain/replace equipment.

To provide training for some teachers in dance and gym - both in-class (using specialised coaches who pass on skills to the teachers whilst coaching the children) and in after-school training sessions and specialised day-courses.

To purchase support materials for planning/assessment purposes.

To fund the steering group.

To buy lunchtime activity equipment.

To fund playground markings for use in mini-games both in PE and lunchtimes/playtimes.



Every child took part in intra school competitive sports each term. The House Teams foster a competitive element to school sports.

Every child in KS2 was given the opportunity to participate in inter school sports competition. Some of these were very successful and groups of pupils got through to regional finals, competing against pupils from other Local Authorities. The boost to their confidence and their pride at achieving well when faced with strong competition was evident.

The PE equipment in school is fit for purpose so pupils can enjoy experiencing a range of sports through PE lessons, widening their experiences beyond the usual team games.

Increased confidence of teachers for planning and teaching dance and gymnastic based lessons. This increased knowledge and confidence will be carried forward into future years, further improving the quality of PE lessons for our pupils.

Pupils are more active at lunchtimes as there are games for them to play - these take place on a section of the playground so that other active games can also continue to be played, such as Tracking and Tig. The pupils in charge of these games are also developing their leadership skills, encouraging collaborative working and tolerance.