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The children in 3L & 3/4C are currently working together on Friday mornings on their enterprise project. Each week, they will be uploading a podcast which you can download and listen to here.


If you would like to send any feedback on these podcasts or have any suggestions on what we may include on them, you can email us on



EASTER SPECIAL - Saturday 19th March 2016

Enjoy our Easter Special podcast.
Staff & pupils at Messingham Primary School would like to wish everybody a happy Easter!!

Podcast 17 - Saturday 27th February 2016

It's been a few weeks since our last podcast due to a few technical hitches but we are glad to be back with podcast #17. Thank you for sticking with us and we hope you enjoy it. The podcasts are now completely recorded by the children with no adult help.

Podcast 16 - Saturday 16th January 2016

This week in our podcast, we have the brainteaser, 3 Funky Facts, the news and jokes. We also talk to Y5 teacher Miss Fysh in Teacher Talk and also interview Lumbani and Jack about Y6's recent visit to the Jaaz Pavillion Indian Restaurant. In the news this week, we report on the recent deaths of Alan Rickman and David Bowie and also talk about Tim Peake's space walk. Thank you for listening.

Podcast 15 - Saturday 9th January 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! In the first podcast of 2016, we talk to some KS1 children about their Bollywood dancing workshop as well as interview Stephanie who travelled from London to deliver the workshop to the children. We discuss the Julian and Gregorian calendars in the news and also talk about the effects the recent flooding has had on wildlife. We have our new feature - '3 Funky Facts', as well as the usual Topic Talk, Brain Teaser, weekly weather and jokes. We also celebrate the last half term's Outstanding certificates, awarding in collective worship this week. Thanks for listening.

Podcast 14 (Christmas Special) - Saturday 19th December 2015

Our Christmas Special podcast contains a Christmas Carol quiz. Answers can be emailed in and those getting top marks will be entered into a prize draw and the winner will be announced in the first podcast of 2016. We interview Carol, our school cook. We ask some of the children what they would like for Christmas and also invite some of the Y5 children to tell us about their Carol Service which they performed to their parents in the chapel this week and to the whole school yesterday. We have some festive news and the weather forecast along with some festive jokes. We also have a special Christmas message the head teacher Mrs. Cavanagh.
Have a lovely Christmas from the staff and pupils. Thank you for listening.

Podcast 13 - Saturday 12th December 2015

This week, we talk to two children from the Reception class about their recent trip to Normanby Hall to see Santa as well as chatting with some children from Y3/4 about their Christmas play which was performed to parents this week. Y6 talk to us in Topic Talk about their 3D African animals. In the news this week we reflect in advance at Major Tim Peake's trip to the International Space Station and also celbrate the Jewish Festival of Light - Hanukkah. We have the answer to last week's Brain Teaser and a new, rather complicated festive one for you. You may need a pencil and a piece of paper for this one!! We also interview Miss Wilson who helps every week in the Reception class.Thanks for listening.

Podcast 12 - Saturday 5th December 2015

In our twelfth podcast we talk about the Climate Change Conference taking place in Paris this week as well as an innovative way people in Ghana have come up with to fuel fire. We talk to Millie in Y4 in Topic Talk about some computer coding she has been doing recently. We tell you about our KS2 Interhouse Sports competition which took place this week and have our usual weekly brainteaser, jokes and weather. We have also been doing some festive singing! Enjoy!

Podcast 11 - Saturday 28th November 2015

This week we speak to one of our parents, Mrs. Melling, over the telephone. We discuss Black Friday as well as the Davis Cup which starts today. Ethan and Rebekah tell us all about how the African Restaurant afternoon went last Monday and we speak to Liam in Topic Talk. We also have our usual round up of funny jokes, the weather and the Brain Teaser. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to our podcasts.

Podcast 10 - Saturday 21st November 2015

This week, we reflect upon the atrocities recently in Paris and also tell you about KS2's trip this week to see Gangsta Granny at the Baths Hall. We are joined by Mr Crampton, the Chair of the governing body and we are joined by Melodie and Lauren from Y6 who tell us all about Y6 Take Over Day. Nikki tells us about some maths she has been doing lately in Topic Talk and we have our usual round of belly-bouncing jokes to finish off. Oh, and we have the weather.........for what it's worth!!
Thank you for listening.

Podcast 9 - Saturday 14th November 2015

In this episode we discuss Children In Need, hear from Luke and Bethany from our Healthy Choices group about their new project, interview Mrs Cavanagh (head teacher) in Teacher Talk, hear a poem written by Keira about British Values in Topic Talk and also talk to Jack in Y6 about the STEM festival he recently attended with Mr Wales and 4 other Y6s. Of course, we have the answer to last week's Brain Teaser along with a new one to challenge you with. We have the weather forecast, some diary dates, a poem we wrote especially for this podcast and we advertise the KS1 Christmas Card Delivery Service. Thank you for listening.

Podcast 8 - Saturday 7th November 2015

This week we pay our respects to those who have died in active service. We reflect on the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and talk to Mrs Horne in Teacher Talk. We also have the answer to last week's Brain Teaser along with a fresh one to puzzle you. We talk to representatives from the School Council who this week have been monitoring learning behaviour around school with Mrs Cavanagh. Of course, we have Topic Talk too where we will be talking to Nicholas and finding out about the things he has been learning in class this week. We finish with a prayer and a tribute to our fallen heroes. Thank you for listening.

Podcast 7 (Halloween Special) - Saturday 24th October 2015

As promised last week, podcast number 7 is a spooooooooky spectacle of a podcast as Halloween is almost upon us!!! This week’s broadcast is not for the feint-hearted and for extra effect, listening in a darkened room with the volume cranked up is recommended!!
This week’s features are the spooky news and weather, the answer to last week’s brain teaser along with another one to ponder over, Mrs Smeaton talks to us in Teacher Talk and we have our usual Topic Talk in which Maisie from Y5 speaks about what she has been learning this week. We also have a special Spooky Kitchen feature where we will give you some revolting cooking advice and we have written and performed a Halloween poem for you too! Also, we have recorded Y6’s fantastic African chant which they have been working hard on over the last few weeks and we tell you all about our brand new school newspaper, the MPS Times, which has gone on sale this week for the very first time!!
Of course, we end with our usual round of hilarity in our themed jokes!
Proceed with CAUTION…………!!!

Podcast 6 - Saturday 17th October 2015

At 11 minutes 7 seconds, this is our longest podcast yet. It's full of fun and exciting things. We have our usual round up of the news which this week takes on a nature theme. We talk to our Business Manager Mrs Barrett and our piano teacher Mrs Wales. Freya plays the piano for us too. We bring you the weather forecast and tell you about an exciting new project taking place in KS1 as we lead up to Christmas. We have the answer to last week's brain teaser along with a new one for this week and we have Topic Talk in which we talk to Lucy in Y6. Of course, we will leave you chuckling with our funny jokes at the end!! Enjoy our 6th podcast.

Podcast 5 - Saturday 10th October 2015

This is our fifth podcast and we must be fast approaching having an hours' worth of podcasts recorded so far this year!!! This week we bring you our usual roundup of some recent news items followed by the weather forecast. We celebrate some of our Pupils of the Week and their achievements. Our weekly Teacher Talk features our Reception class teacher Miss Turner and we bring you a new feature, Topic Talk. Topic Talk this week is Brandon in Y3 who tells us what he has been learning about African Hares. There is also a little competition for you to get involved in and our usual funniness to finish off with. Enjoy and thank you for listening.

Podcast 4 - Saturday 3rd October 2015

It's week 4 and we have a round up of the school trips which have taken place so far this term along with a brand new brain teaser to ponder upon. We have our usual round of news stories and this week, these are based on 'being healthy'. We have your 7-day weather forecast and Miss Remond's class perform their Story Map to us. This week's teacher on Teacher Talk is our Deputy Head, Mr Wales. More jokes feature at the end too. Thanks for listening and keep smiling!!

Podcast 3 - Saturday 26th September 2015

This week, we introduce a new feature - Teacher Talk. Miss Collingwood is interviewed!! We also have the answer to last week's Brain Teaser and a new one is set!! We have the news and weather, some seasonal thoughts, a musical treat and some jokes from Miss Geary's new class over in America. We hope you enjoy our third podcast.

Podcast 2 - Saturday 19th September 2015

This episode focuses on the story of Frankie, a boy who was born with disabilities. We celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup as well as reporting on how robots and cows have been working together at a farm in Glasgow. We also perform our poem about the importance of having respect for each other and respecting our school rules. Also, we have your 5-day weather forecast along with some more funny jokes and a brain teaser. Please email your answers to the brain teaser to for a possible mention on next week's podcast!

Podcast 1 - Saturday 12th September 2015

In this episode for you, we celebrate the Queen reaching the milestone of longest serving British monarch and also reflect on the migrant crisis. Also, we have a run down of what's been going on in school this week, along with a weather forecast and a few jokes to make you titter!!