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Reading with your child

Reading with your child is a fun way to spend some time together. Your child will learn from you how to enjoy reading at the same time as it helps them to develop a wider vocabulary and an understanding of writing and spelling.

Their imagination and creativity will grow as you share stories with different settings and characters; they will learn about different places, experiences and how people might feel in different situations.

Have you considered joining to local library? It's free of charge and there's a wide selection of fabulous books - both stories and non-fiction - that can encourage your child to read.

As your child gets a little older, they become more independent and want to read to themselves - this is great news as it shows they are becoming a more confident and fluent reader! A few minutes of reading before bedtime can be a good way of winding down after a busy day.

We encourage our pupils to read regularly as it offers them a wealth of information and experiences; it is such an important skill for life as well as being a wonderful hobby.