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Reading Reward

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Messingham Primary School’s Reading Reward

Each school term children will have the chance to earn a reading reward for completing some extra reading tasks at home. We hope that this will encourage children to enjoy reading.

The reading reward will include a special mention in collective worship where they will be presented with a school bookmark, designed by the children, as well as having their name/ photograph displayed in the school library for the duration of the following school term.

There is a list of activities for children to complete in order to achieve the reading reward. They must complete all activities on the list below to achieve it.

Children must complete the following list of activities to achieve the reward:


Key stage 1

Key stage 2

  • Read non-fiction book x 1
  • Read novel / story x 3
  • Read poem x 3
  • Create a poster about one of the novels read
  • Read non-fiction book x 1
  • Read novel x 2
  • Read poem x 3
  • Read newspaper article x 2
  • Create a book review about one of the novels read


All texts and tasks should meet children’s individual abilities.

Parents or guardians should fill in the slip attached with their child if/ when all the tasks have been completed.

Slips and posters/ reviews should be returned to your child’s class teacher before the end of term.