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It would be handy to have downloadable copies of forms, such as the medicine form, on the school website

Look for the heading "Downloadable Forms" in the left hand side column. From there you will be able to download the school medicine form and the Holiday Request from that we use. We can add to this section if you let us know what else will be helpful.

This was a great suggestion!


Can you use the Parent Pay website to collect money for school trips, music lessons etc?

We  have looked into this - thanks for letting us know about it.

Unfortunately, it is quite expensive and, with the administration required, it wouldn't be much easier for the office staff to manage than our current system of parents sending money into school, so isn't good value for money at the present time.


We don't get enough information about our child's progress

At Parents' Evening, I have asked all teachers to make sure that they tell you what sub level your child is working at in Reading, Writing and Maths, and that you can look at Maths books, writing books and your child's Steps to Success folder.

We have changed the format of Parents' Evening so you can speak with your child's class teacher and Maths teacher. If this works, we will introduce this for the Autumn Parent's Evening, but have the meetings later in the term so maths teachers have had time to assess your child across the different strands of maths.

We are also introducing a way of communicating to you when your child has achieved a sub level. If you look in your child's reading diary (KS1) or Homework book (KS2) there will soon be stickers on the inside cover with this information on. Ask your child to let you know when this is in place. It should be up and running later this month (February 2013)


It would be helpful to have information about popular books read for pleasure by pupils.

Guidance from school on what the children are reading at home - are the books I'm giving my child challenging enough?

I'd like a list of books that my child should be reading at home

I'd like help with supporting KS2 comprehension

Reading for pleasure is crucial if you want your child to enjoy reading. At school they get challenging texts and learn skills to help with deeper understanding of what they read. If they want to read challenging books at home, that is great, but if they are enjoying reading, that is equally important. The more your child reads, the better they will get at reading, then hopefully they will enjoy it more! If every book read is challenging, then reading becomes hard work and something to be avoided. After a busy day at school, your child may want an "easy read", which they can enjoy without having to think too hard about the content - I know that is true of a lot of adults too!

However, I appreciate that you will want to read with your child and support them as they develop the skills of being fluent readers. To help you with this, Sheridan Sutton, our Reading Leader, will be setting up a page on this website with information such as questions that you can ask your child about the text read, recommended authors and how our reading scheme works.

If you have any ideas of other information about reading that could be included, please contact Sheridan.


The children who always behave well and try hard don't get enough recognition.

I am currently consulting with the School Council on setting up a system of rewards for our "always" pupils - always well behaved; always trying their best; always good exemplars to other pupils; always helpful; always participate.

More details will follow when we iron out the glitches!

Please put information about what musical instruments my child can learn to play at school on the website

There is now a page with this information - you can find it in the main menu on the left hand side of the home page.


What Apps do you use in class? My child would like to use them at home.

On the main menu on the home page, left hand side, there is a link to the page "Websites and Apps". Here you can fine lots of information to help you support your child with their learning at home, including a list of the most used Apps.


Can you put some information on the school website about the House Teams, including their colours.

There is now a folder in the main menu. If you click on it it will take you to a page giving you a bit of the background to our House Team names and why they were chosen.

Thank you for this suggestion.