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Internet Safety

Keeping safe on the internet


The internet is a fantastic resource where we can find out a wealth of information and communicate with people on theo ther side of the world. There are a few things we should encourage our children to do to keep them safe whilst on the internet.

don't give out personal information, such as full name, address,

don't assume that the person you are talking to is a friend if you have never met them in real life

only write things that you are happy for your mum and dad to read

keep your passwork a secret from your friends, brothers and sisters

Top tips for parents:

  • talk to your children about what they are doing on the internet, who they are talking to and what games they are playing
  • check the history on your child's account
  • check the ratings of games - they are classified in the same way as films and it is done for a reason
  • agree on "screen time" so you child doesn't spend all of their time on a digital device
  • visit to find out more about internet safety
  • find out what different devices do - some devices have GPS and the owner can be located. Check this out on