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Curriculum in 2016-17

Here you can see the topics that your child will be learning about over the coming year. You can see which subjects we are covering within each topic - we make links between the different subjects wherever we can, so a lesson might involve Science, Maths and Literacy or Art and history.


Long term plan – 2016-17




Off with their heads!

History - Crime and Punishment

Science – electricity; materials, forces, rocks

Computing – search technologies

Art – drawing

DT – pulleys and levers







Also –

Black History month (October)

Bonfire night (5th November)

Christmas (December)



Geography – aquatic biomes; lakes, ponds, oceans etc

Science – living things and habitats, plants, states of matter

History – trade links

Art - painting; shades and tints, mixing colours

DT – Make a waterproof item eg boat, clothing using textiles and materials

Computing – Database, image editing, safer internet use


Also –

Chinese New Year (28th January)



Who do you think you are?

History – Romans through to Edward the confessor; chronology (see National Curriculum for the aspects to be covered)

Science – Evolution and inheritance; humans

Geography – countries; geographical regions; physical geography; field work

Art – Celtic art; collaborative mosaic

Computing – design, write and debug programs, algorithms

DT – ancient food


RE, PSHCE, French (KS2), PE and music will be taught each term, following the subject objectives from the National Curriculum

Maths and English are taught daily, following the year group objectives