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4H - Miss Houldridge

Welcome to 4H class page!



This page will be filled with useful information about the class and the topics that we cover this year.


Our first topic is "Tomb Raiders!" and we will be looking at the Egyptians. We are heading to the Collection Museum in Lincoln on Thursday 14th September, where we will be learning about the rich history of Egyptians as well as looking at artifacts and about their daily lives. 

Back in class, we will be undertaking projects to create scarab beetles and Egyptian jewellery, researching pharaohs as well as how Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun and also learning all about the Egyptian climate.  


It is set to be an exciting term with lots to look forward to and we hope children will come to school intrigued to learn new things!


Class Information

Miss Fowler will be working with our class every morning this year and providing children with intervention support when necessary. Miss Fowler will also take the class every Tuesday afternoon.

PE will be on a Thursday this year and will be shared with Ms Hilton's class. This will be a great opportunity of all of Year 3 and Year 4 to get to know new children and work together in a range of sporting activities. The first half term of PE will consist of football and dance. Please can you make sure your child has their indoor and outdoor PE kit every week no matter what the weather is as we could still be outside when it is cold.

Every morning we will be a straight Year 4 class and every afternoon we will be a mixed Year 3/4 class for topic lessons. Children will leave school at home time through the classroom they have been in during the afternoons.