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4H - Miss Houldridge

Welcome to 4H class page!



This page will be filled with useful information about the class and the topics that we cover this year.


I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday and that we are coming back refreshed and ready to learn! Our second theme is "Britain's got values!" We will be understanding the core British values; democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance of others and mutual respect. By the end of the term, children in LKS2 will have created a communal piece of artwork that we hope to keep in the hall for all to see.  We will also be looking into different faiths and cultures, with the hope of visiting a Sikh temple. We will be taking part in many other exciting activities including making food and creating databases. 


In English, we hope to address some issues in the local community and use our persuasive skills to win over voters and members of the public. 


It is set to be an exciting term with lots to look forward to and we hope children will come to school intrigued to learn new things!


We have made lots of good progress this term and we hope this continues next term! We hope to create a positive learning environment where all children feel happy and ready to learn.


Class Information

Miss Fowler will be working with our class every morning this year and providing children with intervention support when necessary. Miss Fowler will also take the class every Tuesday afternoon.

PE will be on a Thursday this year and will be shared with Ms Hilton's class. This will be a great opportunity of all of Year 3 and Year 4 to get to know new children and work together in a range of sporting activities. The first half term of PE will consist of netball and gymnastics. Please can you make sure your child has their indoor and outdoor PE kit every week no matter what the weather is as we could still be outside when it is cold.

Every morning we will be a straight Year 4 class and every afternoon we will be a mixed Year 3/4 class for topic lessons. Children will leave school at home time through the classroom they have been in during the afternoons.