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4H - Miss Houldridge

Welcome to 4H class page!



This page will be filled with useful information about the class and the topics that we cover this year.


Year 4 have worked fantastically hard since they came back after Christmas. This last term we have seen some fantastic progress in the children and we hope this continues. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday and that we are coming back refreshed and ready to learn once again! Our final theme for this year is "Marvelous creations!" We will be understanding what the industrial revolution is and learning all about various inventions that have come about over time.  We will also be looking into agriculture, with a trip to Lincolnshire show coming up in the second half term. We have plans to create our own landscape art and learn more about agricultural farming as well as different machinery. DT will focus on purposeful inventions and working in teams to design their own creations. It is set to be a fun filled term, packed with creative and inspiring lessons and activities.


In English, we will become news reporters as we write pieces based on Charlie and the chocolate factory before stepping into a world of marvelous inventions and creations when we look at The invention of Hugo Caberet.


In maths, we are consolidating all our knowledge from the past two years and securing our understanding in the parts we have found the hardest this year. 


We hope to create a positive learning environment where all children feel happy and ready to learn. If you have any questions about your child's learning or progress, you can catch me 15 minutes before and after the school day.


Class Information

Miss Fowler will be working with our class every morning this year and providing children with intervention support when necessary. Miss Fowler will also take the class every Tuesday afternoon.

PE will be on a Thursday this year and will be shared with Ms Hilton's class. This will be a great opportunity of all of Year 3 and Year 4 to get to know new children and work together in a range of sporting activities. The first half term of PE will consist of netball and gymnastics. Please can you make sure your child has their indoor and outdoor PE kit every week no matter what the weather is as we could still be outside when it is cold.

Every morning we will be a straight Year 4 class and every afternoon we will be a mixed Year 3/4 class for topic lessons. Children will leave school at home time through the classroom they have been in during the afternoons.